Month: January 2014

Oracle BigDataLite 2.4.1 is available to download

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Oracle has made available the BigDataLite VM appliance to download. This VM is for evaluation purposes only and is a great way to try out the various products that Oracle has in the Big Data area.

Another major advanced of downloading and using the VM is that you don’t have the “fun” of trying to install everything yourself, getting everything configured and working together.

The BigDataLite 2.4.1 VM comes with the following:

  • Oracle Database 12.1c
  • Cloudera’s Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH4.5)
  • Cloudera Manager 4.8
  • Oracle Big Data Connectors 2.4
  • Oracle NoSQL Database 2.1.54
  • Oracle JDeveloper 11g ( )
  • Oracle SQL Developer 4.0
  • Oracle Data Integrator 12c R1 
  • Oracle R Distribution 3.0.1

There are a number of Hands-on-Labs that you can run on the VM and it comes with the MoviePlex demo data.

Get all the details and links for downloads at

WARNING: you will need a decent spec PC or laptop to host this VM. The recommendation is that you can dedicate 2 cores, at least 5GB RAM and >30G of disk for the VM. The install requires ~40G of space  So this might not be for everyone.


OUG Ireland 2014 Conference

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The agenda has just gone live for the OUG Ireland Conference that will be on 11th March, 2014. The conference will again be in the Dublin Convention Centre (DCC). I’m on the conference committee again this year Smile. Part of the duties includes the presentation selection and agenda planning.

This year we have over 100 submission from well know experts from around the world and from a variety of customer case students. With a limited number of slots available there was some VERY VERY difficult decisions made. To included everyone that I wanted to present at the conference we would need to run the conference over 3 days. Sadly this was not possible.

An new feature of the conference this years is that we will have Tom Kyte giving a fully day of sessions the day after the conference. This will be a paid for event.

To view the agenda for the conference you can click on the image below.


To register for the conference and the extra 1 day workshops with Tom Kyte or 12c Workshop with Joel Goodman and Uwe Hesse, go to.

I have one presentation at the conference, so hopefully I’ll see you there.

Some resources to get started with Hadoop

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Cloudera and other sides have made available a number of resources for help all of us to get up to speed with using Hadoop etc.

So if you are starting out with Hadoop here is a short list of key resources that I have found very useful.

Cloudera Hapood Virtual Machine

The Hadoop FAQ for DBAs

Cloudera Newsletter for Developers

Cloudera New to Hadoop

Udacity course : Introduction to Hadoop and MapReduce