23c-Free on Docker

I’ve posted previously about installing, setting up and using Oracle Database on Docker. It’s all very straight forward to do and is a great way for developers to play with the database and it’s various features.

It’s really important for all developers out there to try all the new database and SQL features. Unfortunately, most only learn and use the Database features from the SQL-92 standard. A lot has changed since then, and you’re missing out on over 30 years of development work.

Here are two posts I’ve previous written on using Oracle on Docker:

As we are now have 23c Free – Developer Release, here are the instructions for installing connecting to the database. These commands are 23c specific, so make sure to check out the posts above from more detailed instructions, particularly if you’re using Apple Silicone.

Log into Docker and then run the following in a Terminal/Command-line window

docker run -d -p 1521:1521 -e ORACLE_PASSWORD=SysPassword1 gvenzl/oracle-free

I set the password to SysPassword1.

You can use SQL*Plus or SQL Command Line to access the data and log in as SYS or SYSTEM. These schemas should not be used for development work. Instead create a new schema (or even a developer schema) for your tables, data and queries.

You’ll need to open a terminal window to the Docker image. This can be done using Docker Desktop or using the docker command in a terminal window.

#SQL Command Line - Connect to 23c Database Pluggable DB = FREEPDB1
sql system/SysPassword1@//localhost/FREEPDB1

#SQL*Plus to connect to 23c Database Pluggable DB = FREEPDB1
sqlplus system/SysPassword1@//localhost/FREEPDB1

We can see from the banner information we are working version 23.2 (beta 2 similar)