Review of Oracle Magazine–July/August 1997

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The headline articles for the July/August 1997 edition of Oracle Magazine were all focused on using Java, building applications, an interview with James osling using Java and the Oracle Database together and an outline of what Oracle sees as the future for Java.


Other articles included:

  • There as a lot of product announcements (similar to the previous edition). These included:
    • Developer/2000 Web Cartridge
    • Enterprise JavaBeans for Integrated Business Solutions
    • Oracle/CNN Launch
    • Personal Oracle Lite 2.4 : Mobile RDBMS
    • Oracle Replication Services Release 1.3: Bidirectional replication
    • Oracle Projects 10.7 Suite of Applications
    • Oracle Web Application Server 3.0 on HP-UX
    • Oracle Discoverer 3.0
    • Oracle GEMMS 4.1
    • Data Mart solution for Windows NT
  • Using the Network Computing Architecture (NCA) with Developer/2000 and Designer/2000. This covered how you can create components that you can mix and match, and plug into your applications. This involved using JDeveloper and the Developer/2000 Web Forms Cartridge to Deploy in Java.
  • There was an article discussing how you can implement your applications in a distributed environment, on a phased basis.
  • Steven Feuerstein writes planning your PL/SQL development to maximise your PL/SQL environment. He suggests that there are two specific steps for PL/SQL: 1 Consolidate access to the underlying database, and 2 Standardize exception handling and creating general utilities that can be reused. Best practices include:
    • Make packages flexible and easy to use
    • Overload the package to make the package smarter
    • Modularize the package so it can be maintained and enhanced.
    • Hide the package data
    • Build multiple packages simultaneously
    • Employing top-down design in PL/SQL
    • Make the most of the PL/SQL language and features

To view the cover page and the table of contents click on the image at the top of this post or click here.

My Oracle Magazine Collection can be found here. You will find links to my blog posts on previous editions and a PDF for the very first Oracle Magazine from June 1987.


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