ODMr 4 EA3 : Repository Migration Failure

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SQL Developer 4 Early Adaptor release 3 (EA3) was released just over a week ago. This EA3 release has over 500 bug or “feature” fixes since the EA2 release.

But there could be some new “features” introduced into the new EA3. This is the case with the Oracle Data Miner tool. One of the based features of using this tool is that a ODM repository is needed in the database. With each new release of the Oracle Data Miner tool there are typically some new features added to the repository. This will require an upgrade to be done to your repository.

For EA3 this repository upgrade steps does not seem to work. If you use automatically perform the upgrade it will not complete and will leave your repository in a locked state.

Fortunately Mark Kelly put up a notice about this on OTN along with how to fix it.

When EA2 came out just before OOW13, I performed the upgrade to EA2 on my laptop. During the EA2 upgrade the my ODM repository got recreated and I lost all my ODM work. As I was in the USA when this happened I did not have access to my backup and I had to wait until I got back home after OOW13 to recover my work.

So when EA3 was released I was not in a hurry to upgrade straight away. I waited just over a week. I was about to perform the upgrade and migrate my repository when I received the email notification of the post on the ODM OTN forum.  I had a lucky escape Smile

The “fix” involves a minor change to one of the scripts that comes with Oracle Data Miner (part of SQL Developer EA3) and just involves a cut and past from the post on the OTN forum.

I’ve make the suggested changes and I’m delighted to report that everything has worked without any problems. There are a number of “feature” fixes in ODMr EA3 which I’ve been able to test out so far.


Check out the OTN form post here.

I’ve now upgraded my ODM repositories on my and 12.1 databases and all seems to be good.



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