OUG Ireland Presenters on Twitter

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The agenda for OUG Ireland 2014 is now live. You can view the agenda and to register for the event by clicking on the following link.

Over the past couple of weeks some of the presenters have been using Twitter to share the news that they will be presenting at OUG Ireland. If you are not following them on twitter now is time to follow them. So here is the list (in no particular order) and I’ll start it off with myself Smile

Brendan Tierney       @brendantierney

Debra Lilley               @debralilley

Tom Kyte                  @OracleAskTom

Tim Hall                    @oraclebase

Jon Paul                   @jonpauldublin

Roel Hartman           @RoelH

Uli Bethke                 @ubethke

Antony Heljula           @aheljula

Stewart Bryson         @stewartbryson

Patrick Hurley            @phurley

Joel Goodman          @JoelJGoodman

Philippe Fierens       @pfierens

Simon Haslam          @simon_haslam

Martin Nash               @mpnsh

Uwe Hesse                @UswHesse

Martin Bach               @MartinDBA


If I’m missing anyone let me know and I’ll add you to the list


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