Oracle Text and Oracle Data Miner

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This blog post is a follow up to comment on a previous blog post and to some emails.

Basically the people are asking about some messages they get when they open the Oracle Data Miner tool, that is part of SQL Developer.

If you are just using the SQL and PL/SQL functions in the database then you do not have to worried about Oracle Text. You will receive no warning message.

But if you use the Oracle Data Miner tool you will get a warning message.

Why do you get this message? Some of the functionality in the Oracle Data Miner tool relies on having Oracle Text enabled/installed in the database. You can locate this functionality under the Text section of the Component Workflow Editor palette of Oracle Data Miner.

So if you are getting these warning messages then Oracle Text was not installed when the database was created.

How can you install Oracle Text? There are 2 scripts that you need to run.

For the first script you will need to log into SYS as SYSDBA and run the following script.

ctx/admin/catctx.sql password SYSAUX TEMP NOLOCK

This script will create a user called CTXSYS with the password of password (give above), with the default tablespace of SYSAUX, the temporary tablespace of TEMP and when the account is created don’t lock it (NOLOCK).

This script will also install a number of CTX packages.

The next step is to log into the CTXSYS schema (using the password above) and run the following script.


This takes a parameter to specify the language you want to use. For example “English”, “AMERICAN”, etc.

The final step is to connect as SYS again and lock the CTXSYS account.

alter user ctxsys account lock password expire;

If you are using Oracle 12c then the above steps will be automatically done for you during the process. If you are using an earlier version of the database or a database that has been upgraded through some version then Oracle Text may not have been installed. In this case you can run the able commands.


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