Oracle Advanced Analytics sessions at OOW14

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With Oracle Open World just a few days away now, I was going through the list of presentations that are focused on using the Oracle Advanced Analytics Option. These will cover Oracle Data Miner and Oracle R Enterprise.

So I’ve decided to share this list with you 🙂 and hopefully I will get to see you are some or all of these sessions.

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Date Time Location Presentation Title
Sunday 28th Sept. 9:00-9:45 Moscone South Room 304 What Are They Thinking? With Oracle Application Express and Oracle Data Miner [UGF2861]. (This is my presentation with Roel Hartman.)
Tuesday 30th Sept. 17:00-17:45 Intercontinental – Grand Ballroom C Advanced Predictive Analytics for Database Developers on Oracle [CON7977]
Tuesday 30th Sept. 18:00-18:45 Moscone South – 303 Oracle’s Big Data Management System [MTE9350]
Wednesday 1st Oct. 10:15-11:00 Moscone South – 301 Big Data and Predictive Analytics: Fiserv Data Mining Case Study [CON8631]
Wednesday 1st Oct. 10:30-10:50 Big Data Theater, Moscone South, Big Data Showcase Big Data: Maximize the Business Impact with Oracle Advanced Analytics [THT10395]
Wednesday 1st Oct. 11:30-12:15 Moscone South – 300 A Perfect Storm: Oracle Big Data Science for Enterprise R and SAS Users [CON8331]
Wednesday 1st Oct. 12:45-13:30 Moscone West – 3002 Predictive Analytics with Oracle Data Mining [CON8596]
Wednesday 1st Oct. 14:00-14:45 Moscone South – 308 Developing Relevant Dining Visits with Oracle Advanced Analytics at Olive Garden [CON2898]

If I have missed any sessions then do please let me know and I can update the list above.


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