Creating and Managing OML users on Oracle ADWS

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(Check out my recent blog post on getting the ADWS up and running. You will need to have following those before you can perform the following steps.

In this post I’ll look at how to setup and manage users specifically for the Oracle Machine Learning (OML) tool. This tool is only available on ADWS and is a zeppelin based notebook for analytics, data science and machine learning.

1. Open the service console for ADWS and click on Administration
Administration can be found on the small menu list on the left hand side of the screen.

2. Click on Manage Oracle ML Users
As we are only interested in OML and Users for OML, just click on the section titled ‘Oracle ML Users’

3. Sign-in as Admin user
This user was created in my previous blog post. Hopefully you can remember the password.

4. Create a New User
The only user currently enabled for OML is the Admin user.
To create a new OML user click on the Create button


5. Enter OML User details
Enter the details of the OML user. Enter an email address and the person will receive an email with their login details. You have the choice of having a system generated password or uncheck the tick box and add in a password.
Click the Create button.
And hopefully the user will receive the email. The email may take a little bit of time to arrange in the users email box!

6. Log into Oracle Machine Learning

You have 2 options. The first is to follow the link in the email or click on the Home button on the top right hand side of the screen.

You will then be logged into Oracle Machine Learning. Look out for my blog posts on using this product and how to run the demos.