Review of Oracle Magazine- November/December 1997

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The headline articles for the November/December 1997 edition of Oracle Magazine were focused on the Network Computing area, how it works, what framework to use, how the architecture works, how it supports the information management universe.


Other articles included:

  • The new features of Designer/2000 Release 2.0 included a new Design Editor, an updated Repository to capture more details about the application structure, rules and application logic and reusable module components.
  • Object Database Designer for Object-Relational Databases is beta released with a production version in a few months
  • Oracle’s Very Large Memory (VLM) capability on Windows NT raises the 2GB memory constraint imposed on applications running Windows NT. With VLM, Oracle can cache almost 8GB of database information in memory.
  • Extending Oracle 8 with Objects looked at how to create nested tables, and creating object tables
  • How to Create a Good Test Database gives some guidance on how to extract a referentially intact subset of data for testing a data warehouse with new reports, queries and programs.
  • A Management Perspective on Handling a New Millennium gives a methodology to address the complete management and control issues. The had the following phases:
    • Impact assessment
    • Prechange analysis
    • Compliance
    • Retest and Integration
  • Using Parallel Query to improve Windows NT Data Mart Performance
  • The last section of the magazine had 10 pages of job adverts.

To view the cover page and the table of contents click on the image at the top of this post or click here.

My Oracle Magazine Collection can be found here. You will find links to my blog posts on previous editions and a PDF for the very first Oracle Magazine from June 1987.


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