Review of Oracle Magazine–January/February 1998

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The headline articles for the January/February 1998 edition of Oracle Magazine were on Electronic Commerce and include justification for building EC applications, creating online shops and what products Oracle has to support as aspects of an EC applications.


Other articles included:

  • Oracle Product announcements included:
    • Oracle InterOffice 4.1
    • Oracle Lite 3.0 gets a Java facelift
    • Oracle Gateways for MS SQL Server 8 and Sybase 8
    • Oracle Applications Release 11 is coming soon
    • Applications Desktop Integrator
    • Application Server 3.1
    • Oracle 8 on Sun Sets new World Record. TCP-C Benchmark with 51,871.62 tpmC at $134.36 per tpmC runing Oracle 8 on Sun Solaris 2.6 on a two node Sun Microsystems Ultra Enterprise 6000 cluster
  • Marking the Mart Decision, looked at how using a Data Mart approach you can have a project delivered quicker (3 to 6 months) and a cost of $100,000. All this using the Oracle Data Mart Suite for Windows NT
  • Securing transactions in Network Applications using Oracle’s Web Application Server to control security
    • Digital Certificate Authentication
    • Application Authorization
    • Encryption
  • Managing Unstructured data in Oracle 8. There ware some new data types including LOB, CLOB, BLOB  and BFILE
  • Making the most of Java looks at how you can use applets with Designer/2000 WebServer Generator
  • A quick start guide on how to migrate to Oracle 8, included:
    • Determining the Migration Strategy
      • Ensure compatibility
      • Identify invalid objects and lost statistics
      • Eliminate language problems
      • Take care of read-only tablespaces
      • Know the point of no return
      • Avoid large restores
    • Defining Resource Requirements
      • Define Personnel requirements
      • Set the timing of the migration
      • Determine space requirements
      • Create an appropriate testing environment
    • Determining Potential Problem Areas
      • Review ROWIDs
      • Avoid reserved words
      • Eliminate obsolete init.ora parameters
    • Identifying Verification Tests
      • Develop the test strategy
      • Do migration testing
      • Perform minimal testing
      • Do functional testing
      • Do integration testing
      • Do performance testing
      • Do load-stress testing

To view the cover page and the table of contents click on the image at the top of this post or click here.

My Oracle Magazine Collection can be found here. You will find links to my blog posts on previous editions and a PDF for the very first Oracle Magazine from June 1987.


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