Review of Oracle Magazine–Jan/Feb 1999

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The headline articles for the Jan/Feb 1999 edition of Oracle Magazine were all on the Year 2000 issue (Y2K). There was lots of work for the consultancy companies around the work on this. Most of the work was not very interesting but was vital to ensure that our applications continued to work.


Other articles included:

  • Oracle Developer and Developer Server Release 6.0 allows for the migration of your existing applications to the Web
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 2.0 is released. What version are we on now and how things have improved.
  • Oracle announces that it has begun a pilot program for its Business OnLine hosting service for enterprise applications. It will provide a full complement of the Oracle Applications for financials, manufacturing, distribution and HR on a subscription basis.
  • Oracle and DELL have teamed up to deliver Oracle8 databases preinstalled on the Dell PowerEdge servers. This was one of Oracle’s first attempts at a database machine/appliance.
  • Oracle 8 Data Cartridge allows you to extend the functionality available in PL/SQL with code that is available external to the database is now flexible and efficient manner. The steps involved in this included, and sample code was provided:
    • Create a relocatable library fro shared objects.
    • Create Oracle 8 objects.
    • Configure an external procedure listener to run the cartridge.
    • Configure tnsnames.ora with the extproc entry
  • How to recover a dropped table when you you only have a full OS backup of it and no export of the table.
    • Determine which tablespaces need to be restored in order to create the table to be recovered
    • Determine the file-system space requirements.
    • Build the database copy and establish the environment for the copy database
    • Export the required tables from the copy database, and import them back into the database that needs to be recovered
    • Oralce 8 comes with point in time recovery.

To view the cover page and the table of contents click on the image at the top of this post or click here.

My Oracle Magazine Collection can be found here. You will find links to my blog posts on previous editions and a PDF for the very first Oracle Magazine from June 1987.


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