Anti-Social Wednesdays

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It is about time that I got round to starting my New Years Resolution. What I’m calling it is Anti-Social Wednesdays.  What does this mean? Each Wednesday, I’m going to cut myself off from the “always on” culture of the IT World. This means I will not be turning on my email, twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  In addition to these I will also be turning off my Email, unplugging my Desk phone and turning off my mobile. These will only get turned back on or plugged back in on a Thursday morning.

Yes this will mean that anything “urgent” that comes up on a Wednesday will have to wait until I get to it on the Thursday (or Friday).

What am I going to do on my Anti-Social Wednesday? I will be concentrating on getting some work done (without all the interruptions), doing some DBA work, working of various projects, writing some blog posts or presentations, trying new products, testing new releases of software, etc.   Oracle 12c Database is coming out in a couple of weeks. Also a new release of SQL Developer 4 and a new release of Oracle Data Miner. So will be concentrating on these during March, April and May.

I will also be trying to do all of this work in new/different locations. So you will not find me at my desk (hopefully).

Now you might see some blog posts or tweets appearing from time to time on a Wednesday. All this means is that I had these scheduled to go on that day.

If you really, really, really, really need to contact me then you can work out how to do it or you will know how to do it!


One thought on “Anti-Social Wednesdays

    KT said:
    February 26, 2013 at 5:07 pm

    Very good idea. Kudos to you for having the courage to attempt something like this. Reminds me of an article I read in CIO magazine (or some similar publication) that talked about a company that cut off internal emails at noon on Fridays. The experiment worked so well that quickly extended the email black out to all day Friday.

    The company discovered that the move improved overall communication (behold, the power of talking face to face!) and resulted in a 20% reduction in internal emails.

    Good luck.


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