New Oracle Magazines for my Collection

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You may or may not know that I have been collecting Oracle Magazines. It all began back when I had my very first job as a graduate consultant with Oracle in Ireland. A few days ago I received a package that contained the following Oracle Magazines.  You will see that the list contains the very first edition and the second edition. Up to now I’ve just had an electronic copy of the first edition.

Here is the full list of the Oracle Magazines that were in the package.

– Volume 1, Number 1 : A New Dimension in Customer Support & Oracle version 5.1 Released
– Fall 1987, Volume 1, Number 2 : Enhancing Cellular Communications Oracle Helps Canada go Mobile
– Winter 1990, Volume IV, Number 1 : Focus on Financial Services & Systems Integration
– Spring 1990, Volume IV, Number 2 : Focus on Pharmaceuticals & National Language Support
– Summer 1990, Volume IV, Number 3 : Focus on Public Sector & Networking the Network
– Summer 1991, Volume V, Number 3 : Focus on Telecommunications & Open Systems Standards
– Winter 1992, Volume VI, Number 1 : Manufacturing Technologies & Massively Parallel Systems
– Spring 1992, Volume VI, Number 2 : Smart Cities Integrating Old and New, & Interview with Next Computer’s Steve Jobs
– Summer 1992, Volume VI, Number 3 : Mapping the Human Blueprint & Oracle version 7
– Fall 1994, Volume VIII, Number 4 : Systems Management & Oracle 7.1. Parallel Everything
– January/February 1995, Volume IX, Number 1 : Data Warehouse
– July/August 1995, Volume IX, Number 4 : Distributed Enterprise & Oracle release 7.2
– September/October 1995, Volume IX, Number 5 : Mission Critical Applications & Optimal Flexible Architecture
– November/December 1995, Volume IX, Number 6 : Managing Change & Client.Server Administrator Security
– January/February 1996, Volume X, Number 1 : Untangling the Web & Tuning Oracle 7 for Optimal Performance
– March/April 1997, Volume XI, Number 2 : Platform Diving & Performance Tuning with Oracle Expert.

My Oracle Magazine Collection can be found here. You will find links to my blog posts that summarize the contents of some of the previous editions. This is a work in progress project and at some point I will have summarized them all. On my Oracle Magazine Collection page I have a PDF for the very first Oracle Magazine from June 1987.

I’m now very close to having the full collection.  If you have any of the magazines that I’m missing and you are willing to donate them, let me know Smile


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