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The UKOUG TECH13 conference is starting on Sunday and this year things a bit different. In previous years there was one big conference that covered (almost) everything and this conference had been in Birmingham.

This year Birmingham has been replaced by Manchester and the conference will focus on Database, Development with a few bits and pieces from other areas. The full agenda can be found here.

Also this year the OakTable people are back but they will be in a different venue from the main conference. The OakTable World UK conference will be across the road in the Premier Inn and be on for two days on the Monday and Tuesday. Check out the agenda here

When I’m not in the Manchester Central conference centre attending some excellent presentations, you will find me over at the Premier Inn. I expect there will be a lot of people running between the two venues over the Monday and Tuesday.

On the Wednesday morning I will be giving a presentation on how you can perform sentiment analysis using the Oracle Advanced Analytics Option (aka using Oracle Data Mining). I’ve tried to keep the number of slides to a minimum for this presentation, so most of the time will be taken up with a live demo of how to build a Sentiment Analysis Model using the Oracle Data Miner tool, then we jump into SQL*Plus and I will show how you can use the Sentiment model using SQL. The final part of the presentation I will show how you can then add the Sentiment model to OBIEE.

So lots of demos and code examples.  Fingers cross it all works on the day Smile

I’ll also be making a little announcement about something that I have been working on recently and should be available in Spring 2014 Smile


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