2020 Books on Data Science and Machine Learning

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2020 has been an interesting year. Not for the obvious topic, but for new books on Data Science and Machine Learning. The list below are some of my favorite books from 2020. Making the selection was difficult. Some months had a large number of releases and some were a bit quieter. The books below are listed based on their release date and are not ranked in any way. I’ve included links to these books on Amazon (.com, .uk and .de).


Everyone wants to work in Data Science, but where and how do you start. Aimed at beginners with guidance without the technical. High level, not for everyone.

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Taking ML to the next stage creating AI application. How to do it with examples across a number of areas.

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A guide for those wary of impact of technology’s and for those who are enthusiastic about where AI is taking us.

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AI Ethics was one of the topic topics for 2020. Covers the philosophical aspects along with the technical one.s

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Covering the life-cyle of building ML application, showing all that it entails and how ML plays a small part in the overall solution

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From covering the basics of NLP, it builds on this to include in application, how to use in different industries and within project teams.

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With by Thomas Davenport and others, and is a good addition to his other books. Consisting of interviews, research and analysis on how to win with ML & AI.

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I was invited to contribute a couple of chapters to this book, along with well known names in areas of DS, ML & AI

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Building upon the success of their 1st edition, the 2nd edition comes with more example and extra chapters.

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ML & AI is not perfect. Lots can go wrong. Not just with the project but also with the implementation of the applications. Lots to thing about and consider.

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No one really builds ML algorithms. We build ML solutions and applications. But whats the best way to do this, from technical, organizational and ethical aspects.

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It was difficult to pick a book for this month. Lots of new releases and I haven’t received all my orders, at time of this post.

Here is a book from July, and is related to an Automated Trading App I’ve been working on (and earning) for a couple of years.

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And to finish off the list I’m including this additional book. It wasn’t released this year. It was released in April 2018. It was a best seller on Amazon in 2018 and 2019!  This was really exciting for us and we still amazed at how it it is still selling in 2020. It is currently, as of December 2020, listed in 8th place on the MIT Press Best Sellers list. It won’t be making any best seller list in 2020, but is still proving popular with many readers. To all of you who have bought this book, I’d like to say Thank You and wishing you all the best with 2021 and beyond.