Oracle 23c Free – Developer Release

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Oracle 23c if finally available, in the form of Oracle 23c FREE – Developer Release. There was lots of excitement in some parts of the IT community about this release, some of which is to do with people having to wait a while for this release, given 22c was never released due to Covid!

But some caution is needed and reining back on the excitement is needed.

Why? This release isn’t the full bells and whistles full release of 23c Database. There has been several people from Oracle emphasizing the name of this release is Oracle 23c Free – Developer Release. There are a few things to consider with this release. It isn’t a GA (General Available) Release which is due later this year (maybe). Oracle 23c Free – Developer Release is an early release to allow developers to start playing with various developer focused new features. Some people have referred to this as the 23c Beta version 2 release, and this can be seen in the DB header information. It could be viewed in a similar way as the XE releases we had previously. XE was always Free, so we now we have a rename and emphasis of this. These have been many, many organizations using the XE release to build applications. Also the the XE releases were a no cost option, or what most people would like to say, the FREE version.

For the full 23c Database release we will get even more features, but most of these will probably be larger enterprise scale scenarios.

Now it’s time you to go play with 23c Free – Developer Release. Here are some useful links

I’ll be writing posts on some of the more interesting new features and I’ll add the links to those below. I’ll also add some links to post by other people: